The Trickster Prince

Matt Houlbrook: mobile historian; beard growing, head shaving; occasional cycling.

Culture in 20th century Britain

A triumph of style over substance? The slideshow for today’s revision lecture on culture in modern Britain. Spot the interwar historian…

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Chasing Bear

I liked this: found at a New Jersey Transit station last week

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Death by several thousand cuts

Sorry this isn’t an acute and insightful dissection of the evils of our current Government. It’s far more self-indulgent than that: I hate cutting out any of those precious words it took me so much time and anguish to write. Writing is something t…

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Back to earth with a bang

Rutgers = intense, exciting, energizing, challenging opportunity to talk about the state of the history of sexuality and modern British history with very smart people. Return to work = this: Dear Matthew Houlbrook, According to our records the fol…

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The trouble with ‘normal’

In my opinion one can discern to-day the following types of female psychology: there is the ordinary normal woman who, on attaining maturity, mates and bears children. There is the fundamentally normal type, who for some reason fails to mate or to…

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Grindr; or, why historians should never try to predict the future

Cold off the press: the preamble to this Rutgers lecture: I have learned the hard way that historians should never try to predict the future. In an essay I wrote in 2005 for the Modern History of Sexuality I argued that the association of sex and …

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When bikes and history mix

CTC Quarterly (1934) This is what happens when bikes and history / the obsession and the day job mix: putting the book to one side to work on a lecture to give at Rutgers next week. What better way to ‘rethink the interwar’ and illustrate a point …

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