The Trickster Prince

Matt Houlbrook: mobile historian; beard growing, head shaving; occasional cycling.

The trouble with ‘normal’

In my opinion one can discern to-day the following types of female psychology: there is the ordinary normal woman who, on attaining maturity, mates and bears children. There is the fundamentally normal type, who for some reason fails to mate or to bear, and in whom the frustrated instincts seek satisfaction in a less straightforward manner. There is the woman unwilling to bear children, largely a product of civilization, who, whether she be deified or prostituted, is prepared to gratify masculine desire, provided that she may avoid child-bearing and may cultivate or express her own ‘personality.’ There is the amateur prostitute. We have also to remember the very large number of women who, owing to the present organization of society, play an increasing part in it, and who, through ill-health or under-nourishment chiefly caused by their economic situation, have failed to develop a normal sex-life. Finally, there are the women whose psychology is in greater or less degree masculine, and in whom there is a strong latent or expressed antagonism to the prescribed activities of femininity.

Charlotte Haldane, Motherhood and Its Enemies (1927), 134.


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