The Trickster Prince

Matt Houlbrook: mobile historian; beard growing, head shaving; occasional cycling.

Back to earth with a bang

Rutgers = intense, exciting, energizing, challenging opportunity to talk about the state of the history of sexuality and modern British history with very smart people. Return to work = this:


Dear Matthew Houlbrook,


According to our records the following supervision reports are awaiting your review:


XXXX 000871

YYYY 000871

ZZZZ 000871

TTTT 000893

VVVV 000893


The reporting window is still open and we would urge you to submit these reports as soon as you are able. A list of these outstanding reports can also be found on your homepage when you log into the system.


If you are not the supervisor of any of these students, please contact the relevant Graduate Studies Assistant as soon as possible. Contact details can be found at:


If you have saved a report, but not submitted it, the content will not yet be available for others to view.  Please ensure you submit your report before the end of the reporting window, otherwise you will no longer be able to edit the content.


Access all your reports at and log in using your Oxford username.


Kind Regards,




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