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Countdown to the Welsh Ride Thing: D-1



After racking up my highest ever monthly mileage in March I’ve just taken a few days off the bike–partly because my legs were screwed but also to escape and do some proper writing while I had chance. Coming back to Oxford has meant a weird combination of exam marking and final preparations for the Welsh Ride Thing this weekend. This is one result: the el Mariachi loaded and ready to go first thing tomorrow morning. My sleeping kit (mat / bag / bivvy) is in the bar bag; food for on the move is in the gas tank on the top tube where I can get at it; the frame bag holds a couple of litres of water in a Camelbak bladder plus a few tools and spares and my waterproof jacket; food for the evening, stove and gas and spare clothes are in the seat bag. I think bike and kit weigh in around 46.5lbs: I was struggling to hold the thing up and read the scales…


So I guess that’s it. This is the first time out using the Revelate frame bag (acquired second-hand from a mate) so it’s going to be interesting to see how that works out. I’m definitely looking forward to not having to carry anything on my back though. After a few weeks of glorious summer the forecast is now looking pretty grim. I suspect we might be ever so slightly damp.



Oh. That’s the van that puts the mobile into mobile historian.



One comment on “Countdown to the Welsh Ride Thing: D-1

  1. Mark
    June 1, 2012

    Looking good!

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