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Matt Houlbrook: mobile historian; beard growing, head shaving; occasional cycling.

Welsh Ride Thing


Just back from three days bikepacking in mid-Wales as part of this year’s Welsh Ride Thing. This is what we got up to…


Facts and figures: 

Day 1: 40.35 miles and 3497 feet of climbing. Nice easy spin; great weather; good company.

Day 2: 39.77 miles and 4794 feet of climbing. Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain. Did I mention the rain?

Day 3: 36.68 miles and 4833 feet of climbing. Sun; blue skies; pass storming; bog trotting; indeterminate trails and navigational confusion.


And some photos:

NB: the weather actually doesn’t look that bad on these. This is a statistical artefact: it was too wet to get my phone out for at least a day and a half.



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