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Occasional cycling


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Ghosts, libels and the crook lifestory

Something to celebrate: ‘Dear Matt,
I am pleased to confirm that your article, “Commodifying the Self Within: Ghosts, Libels, and the Crook Lifestory in Interwar Britain,” is now scheduled to appear in the June 2013 issue of the Journal of Moder…

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Authenticity and trust in interwar Britain (3)

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Authenticity and trust in interwar Britain (2)

Magdalen King-Hall, The Diary of a Young Lady of Fashion in the Year 1764-1765 (1926)

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Authenticity and trust in interwar Britain

It is over twenty years since the American cultural theorist Miles Orvell identified a major shift … within the arts and material culture from the late nineteenth century to the twentieth century, in which the arts of imitation and illusion were v…

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History as / and pathology

Easton’s diagnosis reflected Tracy’s own description of symptoms and behaviors and his physical examination of the body’s exterior surfaces. The processes of scientific investigation were elaborated and intensified the day after Lucas was found wh…

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The emotional work of history

A rich discussion of the emotional work of history: ‘There is a deeply affective side to historical work which might not be readily admitted in print but which animates discussions among colleagues and sends historians dashing to archives.’

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