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Matt Houlbrook: mobile historian; beard growing, head shaving; occasional cycling.

A Houlbrook on a bike (1936 style)

The point at which my obsessions come together: cycling and interwar history — courtesy of my Grandad, Thomas Henry Houlbrook. The photograph was taken in Mexborough around 1936 when he … Continue reading

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Cycling Girl Contest

Some nice memorabilia from the 1951 Festival of Britain

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History as method acting; or thinking again about 1920s Britain

On a Thursday afternoon in April I am sitting in the Philharmonic pub on Liverpool’s Hope Street drinking with some of my third year students. We’re celebrating: the end of … Continue reading

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Cycling (no history)

I made it to the end of term and went on holiday: this is basically what I got up to for the past few days. Normal blogging service will resume … Continue reading

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Avalanches, Higher Education, and the Future of History

The publication of the Pearson/IPPR report ‘An Avalanche is Coming’ made me think of this section from William Sewell’s wonderful The Logics of History and the ways in which we, … Continue reading

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How bicycles are stolen (1920s style)

Netley Lucas, ‘How Bicycles are Stolen: By an Ex-Thief’, Cycling, 21 August 1925, p.vii. The following article is written by Netley Lucas, a pseudonym which conceals the identity of the author … Continue reading

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Cycling and history

Both regular readers of The Trickster Prince will know that I love cycling and history. This has not always been the case—I only started mountain biking in my early 20s and took to the road more recently still. Yet for the past decade these have b…

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