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Matt Houlbrook: mobile historian; beard growing, head shaving; occasional cycling.

The Apache Dance (part 3): Dorothy Appleby and Fred Wallace in Charlie Chan in Paris (1935)

The third instalment in an occasional series: Dorothy Appleby and Fred Wallace get stuck into ‘La Danse Apache’ in Charlie Chan in Paris (1935)

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The Apache Dance (part 2): Netley Lucas in the underworld of Paris (1925)

‘The Underworld of Paris’, Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, 30 October 1925. The second instalment in an occasional series: Netley Lucas finds himself in the underworld of Paris. In one of … Continue reading

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The Apache Dance (part 1): Ivor Novello in The Rat (1925)

The first instalment in an occasional series: Ivor Novello doing the Apache Dance in his 1925 film The Rat.

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The Welsh Ride Thing (2013 edition)

Welsh Ride Thing 2013: the year the rain forgot After two years of battling torrential rain and howling winds Adam and I returned to mid-Wales for the 2013 edition of … Continue reading

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In search of historical inspiration

A pile of dusty books and a blank screen: where to next? As always getting started is a struggle…

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This is how it begins

This is where it all begins: illegible scrawls and unworkable ideas.

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London in 1927

Wonderful colour footage of London in 1927

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Fakes and phoney index entries revisited

Since no one wants to play the spot-the-fake game: here’s the second dodgy index entry in Queer London. Follow the page reference for the story of Lady Austin and his … Continue reading

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Looking at the Prince of Tricksters

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