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The Apache Dance (part 2): Netley Lucas in the underworld of Paris (1925)


‘The Underworld of Paris’, Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, 30 October 1925.

The second instalment in an occasional series: Netley Lucas finds himself in the underworld of Paris.

In one of the basement cabarets which line the back streets off the Boulevard St Germain…

Here is the real, full-blooded apache girl, a dashing brunette with full red lips, and sinuous body which has never felt the restraint of a corset, dressed in a red jersey and short skirt, black silk stockings and shoes with outrageously high heels. She laughs and coquettes with us…

Someone now starts a dance tune on the piano, and Yvonne, springing off the table, is caught in the arms of Jean and whirled around the room in a fantastic kind of valse. The floor is soon crowded and you will notice that even in his dancing, the apache is again quite unique. It is the itme for unrestrained love-making, and on all sides you will hear the sound of loud hearty kisses, the murmur of love passages which take the form of epithets, reserved by most men for their irate moments, but which adequately express for the apaches the warmth and sincerity of his affections and are, indeed, the only form really appreciated by his partner.

Netley Lucas, Criminal Paris (1925), 16-18.


Netley Lucas, ‘Criminal Paris’, Hutchinson’s Mystery Story Magazine, October 1925.


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