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1920s pic of the day: Friday night is Amami night

1920s pic of the day: Friday night is Amami night

Mary Bertenshaw grew up in Manchester after the war. She had vivid memories of her youth:

I was becoming more conscious of my appearance and I spent my spare money on threepenny tins of Eastern Foam Cream, or a twopenny tin of Phulnana Face Powder or maybe a small bottle of Ashes of Roses. After a good scrub at Red Bank Baths I felt as glorious as Theda Bara. The highlight of the week for us was Friday, which we all called Amami night, after a lovely new hair shampoo; each Friday night after washing my camisoles and bloomers and doing the housework I shampooed my hair and, when it was dry, tied it in a bun fastened with a Woolworth’s tortoiseshell comb—did I just look like Clara Bow.

Mary Bertenshaw, Sunrise to Sunset: A Vivid Personal Account of Life in Early Manchester (1980), 98-101.


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