The Trickster Prince

Matt Houlbrook: mobile historian; beard growing, head shaving; occasional cycling.

Baffles: The New Detective Story Game (1929)

A detective challenge for a snowy Thursday afternoon: can you solve The Dunbury Wayside Mystery? Courtesy of The Thriller magazine from 1929. Advertisements

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Can you judge a book by its cover?

Working on the assumption that we all judge a book by its cover, what do you think of this as inspiration for the front of The Prince of Tricksters? Because … Continue reading

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Charles Chaplin (the cinema king) in his all-wool Barry overcoat

Here he is: Charles Chaplin (the cinema king) wearing his BARRY OVERCOAT and posing for pressman at London’s Ritz Hotel: ‘Note the fit of the collar, the fall of the … Continue reading

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Fast little cats and famous doctors

Cartoons and cutting comments, 1920s style, courtesy of Norman Pett and John Bull‘s summer special.

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Birmingham’s history is for everyone

Originally posted on Modern British Studies Birmingham:
Chris Callow I once worked part-time in the archives service at Birmingham’s old Central Library. That experience taught me that archives services do…

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Competition time: what emotions are being expressed by Eugenie Amami in these film studies?

A bit of a competition to start the new year — courtesy of this 1929 advert from John Bull. Anyone fancy their chances of successfully reading Eugenie Amami’s inscrutable expressions? Friday … Continue reading

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Mobile historian; beard growing, head shaving; occasional cycling (2014 version)

Mobile historian 2014 was the year I finished the book. It only took me the best part of a decade to get The Prince of Tricksters: Cultures of Confidence in … Continue reading

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